Where is PEDS being used?

Clinical Care & Instructional Planning

  • Help Me Grow, Hartford, CT, as telephone intake and triage into all human services and client/patient tracking (CATI)
  • PRIDE (Promoting Resources in Developmental Education) a national model for training health care providers in early detection and developmental promotion
  • Private pediatric and family practices nationally
  • Public health departments nationally Follow-up
  • Denver Health, for routine screening at well child visits
  • TennCare (Tennessee’s managed Medicaid program) for all EPSDT visits
  • University of South Alabama, mailed to parents of preemies as the first stage in newborn intensive care follow-up
  • Great Britain’s Sure Start program, the UK’s Head Start equivalent
  • Foster care initial triage programs, nationally Intake/Child Find
  • Licensed day care programs in Melbourne, Australia to facilitate parent/ professional collaboration and initiate focused parent training
  • HMOs nationally
  • Public schools and Head Starts
  • Mental health centers, intake and triage, nationally
  • Emergency Departments, Canada

Program Evaluation

  • Bright Futures, for program evaluation, follow-up and surveillance studies
  • Healthy Steps, for outcome studies
  • Foundation for Accountability (FACCT), Promoting Healthy Development survey, as a national survey to assess the quality of services and parent satisfaction with managed health care organizations
  • Assuring Better Child Development (ABCD) screening initiative Electronic Records Systems
  • In trials for the UK National Health Service
  • On the web direct to parents at www.forepath.org
  • Via HL-7 and web services to EMR systems Research
  • National Study of Early Childhood research as an indicator of developmental/behavioral status (CATI)
  • Toronto Public health (CATI for population health surveillance)
  • UK National Health study trials

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