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What is PEDS?
  • PEDS is a 10 question, validated,accurate screen eliciting parents concerns, in their own words, about their child’s development and behavior. It takes about 5 minutes for parents to complete, and 1- 2 to for clinician to score.
  • Reveals whether to refer, give advice, provide watchful waiting, screen further or reassure.
  • Reduces “oh by the way concerns, increases attendance at well-visits.
  • Can be used with children of any age from birth until 8 years of age.
  • Includes a Brief Guide to Administration, a Response Form, a longitudinal Score/Interpretation Form, and an optional Manual for case examples, how to explain results to families, parent education handouts, etc..

First Timers: Order #705-PEDS Complete Set (Brief Guide, 1 pad of 50 PEDS Response Forms, 1 pad of 50 Score/Interpretation Forms). This is enough material to screen 50 children). It is a good idea to also order #500 the manual, “Collaborating with Parents.” See order form for information on foreign language translations and electronic applications.

Reorders-Small Clinics: Each clinician using PEDS should have a #300-Brief Guide and each clinic should have a copy of #500-“Collaborating with Parents. Reorder equal amounts of #700-PEDS Response Forms (pads of 50) and #720-PEDS Score/Interpretation Forms (pads of 50). (See order form for Spanish or Vietnemese versions of PEDS forms.)

Re-orders-Large Clinics: You’ll probably want to request a #740-Discounted Bulk Order (a 25% discount from individual pads) consisting of 20 Brief Guides, 20 pads of 50 Response Forms and 20 pads of 50 Score/Interpretation Forms. This will screen 1000 children.

Re-orders-HMOs, Clinic Network: If you need 50 or more bulk orders (screens for 50,000 children or more during a year or so) and are willing to have them sent to a single address, please email We have a discount schedule that can save you 30% to 50%.

  • PEDS:DM is a 6-8 items per visit focused on children’s skills in each developmental domain: fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, receptive language, self-help, social-emotional, and for older children preschool and school skills. The questions take about 5 minutes to complete and 1 minute to score.
  • Designed for children at any age from birth until age 8, the measure consists of a laminated book of questions upon which parents mark answers with a dry erase marker. Marks are wiped off in preparation for re-use with the next family. To score, a single template is placed over the completed page to reveal each milestone not met.
  • Replaces informal milestones checklists (known to miss 70% of children with problems) with proven, validated, and accurate items.
  • Includes a developmental promotion component by encouraging parents, once they’ve completed the questions, to read a short story to their children about age-appropriate parent-child interactions. Online applications are coming soon.
  • The PEDS:DM Recording Form is used to record answers and can be reused with each child to produce a graph of progress over time.
  • The PEDS:DM manual contains information on parenting, billing and coding, and directions for using the PEDS:DM alone, in combination with PEDS, or with screens of parent-child interactions, psychosocial risk, resilience, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders, along with parent information handouts, case examples, and training guides.
  • For NICU follow-up and early childhood settings, the assessment level version of the PEDS:DM presents more items at once and produces age-equivalent scores.

#800-PEDS:DM for Pediatric and Public Health Encounters (starter kit) Includes: PEDS:DM Family Book (in English or Spanish) consisting of reusable laminated forms; 100 longitudinal PEDS:DM Recording Forms; and a Binder Case housing the scoring template and storage for the Family Book, manual, dry erase marker, and clip to secure the correct page. The starter kit also includes the PEDS:DM Professional Manual.

  • First Timers: Order #800-PEDS:DM for Pediatric and Public Health Encounters starter kit (see order form for Spanish or Vietnamese versions of PEDS Forms).
  • Small Clinic: Order #800-PEDS:DM for Pediatric and Public Health Encounters starter kit plus enough #810-Family Books (or #815 Family Book in Spanish) for each well visit scheduled at the same time.
  • Large Clinic: Order enough of the above #800 starter kits for each nurses’ station, plus enough #810-Family Books (or #815 Family Book in Spanish) for each well visit scheduled at the same time.
  • Re-orders: Reorder #820-PEDS:DM Recording Forms.
#805-PEDS:DM for Early Childhood and NICU follow-up (starter kit) Adds to the PEDS:DM starter kit the PEDS:DM Assessment Level (in Spanish or English) which offers more items at each encounter and produces age-equivalent scores in 7 domains: fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, receptive language, self-help, social-emotional, and, for older children, pre-academic/academic skills. The Assess- ment Level includes the laminated PEDS:DM Family Book (with illustrations needed for the Assessment Level administration); 50 PEDS:DM Assessment Level Booklets (reusable over time with the same child); and the Longitudinal Growth Chart (printed on the back of the Assessment Level booklet) for sharing results with families. This version of the PEDS:DM can be mailed out, completed in waiting exam rooms, or administered directly to children by teachers, clinicians, etc. For children less than 3 years of age, the PEDS:DM Assessment Level can also be administered via telephone interview.
  • First Timers: Order #805-PEDS:DM for Early Childhood and NICU follow-up starter kit.
  • Small and Large Clinics: Order the #805 starter kit plus enough #810-Family Books and #840-Assessment Level Booklets (or #815 and #845 for Spanish) for each visit scheduled at the same time.
  • Re-orders: Reorder #810-PEDS:DM Assessment Level Booklet (or #815 for Spanish booklet).