Those who wish to train themselves come from many different backgrounds and thus have many different training needs. Perhaps the best way to start is by deciding what information you are looking for. Below is a list of information on this site. You can use this as a checklist to select what to explore on this site.

1.     Determine which screens are best for your setting.

2.     Learn about tools for NICU follow-up and EI intake and monitoring

3.     See how PEDS tools work

4.     How to use tools with Electronic Records

5.     How to bill/code for optimal reimbursement.

6.     Learn about policy and mandates on early detection.

7.     Discover what resources are available for find parenting information, referral services, etc.

8.     How to work with families who have literacy problems or language barriers.

9.     How to collaborate with other service providers.

10.  Learn about research about our tools

11.  Child development, behavior, mental health basics

12.  How to explain results to families and facilitate follow-through

13.  What to expect in terms of detection rates

14.  How to implement screening and surveillance in your setting

15.  Talk with other providers about early detection issues

16.  Test your knowledge of child development and competence with measures

17.  How to use quality screens in an electronic environment

18.  Get answers to your questions about our tools