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PEDS Tools:
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PEDS Online

Screening Tools

PEDS and PEDS:DM are two highly accurate, valid tools providing developmental screening and behavioral screening plus ongoing surveillance. Used alone or together, they comply with AAP policy and offer the best solution for early detection.

Using PEDS Online is fast and easy. The Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT-R) and PEDS:DM are included as optional measures. With full back-end administration, PEDS Online offers instant, error-free scoring, ICD-10 and procedure codes, generates summary reports for parents, and referral letters when needed.


Training Module!

Need training on PEDS Tools? Our training module provides:

  • Background on child development including behavior and mental health, psycho-social risk and resilience
  • Information on ways to measure development
  • Training strategies including a post-test
  • Lots of handouts for trainees
  • Videos, slide shows, etc.

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Mid-Level Assessment Tools
For NICU, EI Follow Up, Intake, and Research

  • Enables strengths and weaknesses to be viewed across domains
  • Provides age equivalent scores (along with cutoffs) each time a child is measured
  • Illustrates percentage of delay and percentage of skills mastered
  • Detects advanced development as well as deficiencies
  • Try the PEDS:DM-AL for free here!


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