Welcome to our research pages! Within we provide abstracts of current studies with commentary, and guidance for researchers working on new projects. We also include a comparison of commonly used tools based on costs, practice expense/benefits, psychometric foundations, etc.

After reading through these pages, if you have a study to share or need to discuss a project please contact us. For research projects we encourage you to use PEDS Online because its scoring is accurate and automated, the site includes PEDS, PEDS:Developmental Milestones, and the Modified Checklist of Autism in Toddlers, provides referral letters when needed, parent take-home summary reports, and generates an exportable database of results that can be concatenated with other measures/study protocols. We can also license digital copies of our measures as needed.

Besides her research on PEDS, Dr. Glascoe has published extensively on development, screening and test validation. Below you'll find links to some of her published work.